Our gelcoats and fiberglass are often used in the pool making and repair business. We offer superior grade gel coat resin that can be used not only for boat construction, decks, molds and bathtubs but also for new fiberglass pool construction and pool resurfacing. We have many pool companies that use our product for small backyard pools all the way to large water parks. We also have individual customers that have redone their personal existing pools or made their own using products from Fiberglass Warehouse. Below are a few before and after pics of some pools that one of our customers resurfaced.

before image of an empty swimming pool in need of new fiberglass gel coat and repair.


Resurfaced empty pool with white gelcoat bottom and blue tiles and the edges with beige deck.

After. This pool looks brand new!

Small backyard pool with sitting area that is all tarped and taped off ready to be resurfaced with gelcoat resin.

The above image is during the resurfacing process.

Small backyard pool with seating area that is newly resurfaced with white gel coat.


Large community pool with no water that is newly resurfaced with white gel coat. Palm trees and blue skies in the background.

There is no before image on the last pool but the finished product looks amazing. 

For more instructional info on our gelcoats, you can click HERE

If you are looking to resurface your own pool and need some guidance in what products to order, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service at sales@fiberglasswarehouse.com or 1-833-669-7899.

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