It is very important to take the time to use a mold release on your mold or plug.  It will add several hours to a project but is well worth it.  A mold release, also known as a parting agent, is used to allow parts to be easily removed from the original plug  or the mold. Plus it adds a durable surface finish to the part and keeps both the part and the mold from being damaged during production.

The two most popular mold releases used are: Partall Paste #2 (wax) and Partall #10 (PVA).  When both are used together, it forms a great release system.

Partall paste #2 (or other brand wax) can be used on the mold. Rub it on evenly.  Let it dry between layers but don't let it dry too long, as it will be more difficult to wax off.  Apply the wax as you would when waxing a car.  Several layers are recommended.

Next you can use PARTALL Film #10.  It is a water/alcohol-based Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) solution of water-soluble, film forming material. It is particularly recommended as a parting agent for separation between polyester or epoxy resins and various mold surfaces.  PVA can be brushed on but it is ideal to use a spray gun when applying it.

PVA needs to have at least three layers (more can be used if desired). The first layer should be a thin mist.  The following layers should be heavier. Let the PVA dry completely between each layer.

PVA will not shrink or pull away from corners or curved surfaces. The film parts easily and cleanly from mold surface and dissolves from molded parts and spray equipment with water. It leaves a tack free, durable surface.

PVA is not recommended for use with resins containing water, or giving off water during cure (i.e. phenolics), or with automotive finishes as damage may occur. PARTALL Paste #2 or wax is suggested for most mold surfaces prior to application of PVA. 

We sell a few other mold releases as well. One of them is Orca Shimmer Wax.  Orca Shimmer is a highly effective carnauba-based paste wax designed for the fiberglass molder. It is a high value mold release yielding a durable film which is resistant to abrasion. Three to five coats of Orca Shimmer should be applied initially on clean or new molds. 1. Apply Orca Shimmer to a small section at a time (9 square feet or one square meter) until the entire mold surface is covered. 2. Allow the wax to form a haze on the surface. 3. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove excess wax. 4. Buff each coat to a high luster. After this initial application, single coats will continue to give a good release and high surface luster. In high humidity, it may be necessary to give the mold a final wiping with a clean, dry cloth to remove any haze that develops from unreleased solvents. In order to avoid contamination, a clean cloth should always be used when applying and buffing this product.

Another release agent is SynLube 531. It is a non-silicone release agent that is excellent with polyurethane, epoxies, polyester resins, and silicone rubber. This release is particularly good with Por-a-Mold and Por-a-Kast.

Ease Release 2300 is a special silicone release.  It is used to rejuvenate silicone molds for longer mold life. It can transfer to part surface. Surfaces needed to be washed free before finishing. This release is also used as a mold release for parts made of epoxy, urethane and polyesters.

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