Fiberglass Warehouse Fiberglass Resin is a DCPD/Ortho blend that is easy to use and cures tack-free. It is compatible with fiberglass cloth, chopped strand mat and knit fabrics as well as carbon fiber. It has a fast wet out and dries quickly to a hard finish. Fiberglass DCPD/Ortho resin comes with MEKP catalyst which is required for resin to cure.

Popular Uses

-Above waterline boat repair

-General purpose composite projects

-Molding, fabrication and repairs of fiberglass laminates

-Base coats, rush projects, wood repairs

Needed Supplies (this will vary depending on your project):


-It is important to work in a well-ventilated area. Fiberglass resin gives off strong fumes.

-Wear proper safety clothing including gloves, safety glasses and a face mask.

-Make sure the resin, room and the surface you are working on are heated up to room temperature.  The ideal temperature to work in is between 70-85 degrees.


-Make sure the surface is clean and free from contaminates before getting started. The surface can be cleaned with acetone. The surface may also need to be roughed up before applying resin for good adhesion. Surface must be completely dry before adding resin.

-Use a graduated mixing cup to measure out the resin.

-MEKP can be used between 1% and 2% by volume of resin but we recommend 1.25% to 1.75% depending on how long of a pot life and working time is desired. The more MEKP that is used, the shorter the pot life/ working time will be. The less MEKP that is used, the more pot life/ working time there will be. You can find our MEKP catalyst quantity chart HERE. Make sure not to use too much or too little of MEKP catalyst.

-Mix resin and hardener thoroughly for at least one minute. Scrape down the sides of the cup during mixing.

-Apply resin immediately to fiberglass or surface with a brush, fiberglass roller, spreader or squeegee.

-It is best to work in smaller batches. Larger batches may get too hot too quickly and make a mess.

-Gel time will vary from around 17-23 minutes at 77 degrees Fahrenheit depending on how much MEKP hardener is added.

-Continue adding layers if needed. You will need to sand between each layer.

-Cures to a tack free finish at room temperature.

Handling and Storage

Closed resin and MEKP containers should be stored in a cool, dry place. It should be stored at temperatures below 75°F and away from heat sources, sunlight and flames.

Important Notes

-Fiberglass DCPD/Ortho Resin has a shelf life of around 3 months.  Use soon after purchasing.

-Do not add too much MEKP.  If too much hardener is added, the finished product can be prone to fractures or resin will become rubbery in the mixing cup.

-If you do not add enough MEKP, your laminate may never cure.

***Always try out a small test batch first.  Working with resin is more of an art than a science***

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