Our last Troubleshooting Guide in this Series. Hopefully you have found this series helpful.

Cracks- Spider cracks radiating from a central point or in circles. Or, stress cracks that are in parallel lines. Excessive gel coat thickness,  Use a mil gauge and do not go over 24 mils.
Stress due to flexing. Make sure not to use too much gel coat. Create a laminate that is not too thing. Make sure part is cured.
Fisheyes Water, oil or silicone contamination Make sure not to use to  much mold release, Drain air lines in spray gun. Check lubricating materials used with the equipment.
Gel coat too thin Use +/- 2 18 mils in 3 passes
Material gelled in container Age and storage condition Use within storage limits and store in cool, dark area.
Pinholes Insufficient atomization To high gel coat delivery rate. Not enough atomizing pressure.
Sags and runs Excessive gel coat Apply +/-2 18 mils thick, wet.
Low viscosity Not enough styrene. Check viscosity and thixotropic properties.


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Gel Coat Troubleshooting Guide Part 1

Gel Coat Troubleshooting Guide Part 2

Gel Coat Troubleshooting Guide Part 3

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