First time users of gel coat can come across many problems with applying the gel coat. We will be doing a series of posts that describe the different issues and remedies for the various issues.


Dull of soft spots at random

Gel coat uneven

Poor breakup; Use three passes

Catalyst poorly mixed into either gel coat and/or laminate.

Mix catalyst thoroughly or make equipment adjustments for good catalyst mix.

Trapped solvent in gel coat and/or laminate.

Equipment surging in material pump and/or atomizing air. Improper catalyst settings (high or low). Gun held too close to mold


Trapped water in gel coat and/or laminate

Check cleaning procedure. Check catalyst level with equipment using solvent reduced catalyst.

Insufficient catalyst

Drain lines and correct the problem. Confirm correct catalyst concentration.


By Dallin Leach 2 comment


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  • Fiberglass Warehouse

    @David- We have a gel coat color chart that we can send you. You would just need to email us your mailing address if it is in the US. You could also go down to Sherwin Williams and find a paint card that matches your motorhome color the best. We can color match most of Sherwin Williams’ paint colors.

  • David Williamson

    I am new to this but need to apply and colour match gel coat damage to my motorhome

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