Black customized corvette driving down the street lined with trees.

Jay with Rusted and Busted shared some amazing photos with us of their Corvette build process. They used our Fiberglass Warehouse Ortho Polyester Laminating Resin. Scroll through the photos to see the incredible transformation! It is a showstopper!!

Front of black corvette without headlights sitting in garage surrounded by tools.

Side view of black corvette with framing and tape for fiberglass and resin customization.

 Side view of corvette with yellow tape over side panels ready for fiberglass and resin.

Corvette being customized in garage surrounded by tools.

Gloved hand brushing polyester resin onto fiberglass chopped strand mat.

Man holding fiberglass and resin pieces for sides of black corvette in garage with tools.

Black corvette side fiberglass and resin pieces taped to car over wheels. Car is inside a garage surrounded by tools.

Side view of fiberglass and resin customization on side of black corvette sitting in a garage with cutting tools nearby.

Man in respirator sanding fiberglass and resin side piece on car over tire.

Side fiberglass and resin green panel on corvette. Wheel removed and up on a stand.

Sanded down corvette custom fiberglass sides with man in the photo.

Up close image of corvette custom fiberglass side panels

Custom corvette build with fiberglass and resin front and sides. Car has headlights removed and is sitting in garage surrounded by tools.

Corvette being customized in background with Fiberglass Warehouse gallon of ortho laminating resin in the front on a table.

Man leaning over table working on fiberglass pieces for corvette custom build.

Freshly painted corvette custom build sitting in garage surrounded by tools

Green colored custom corvette build with Rusted and Busted text on front window sitting outside a garage. 

You can check out lots more on this corvette build on their YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook pages. 




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