Check out this short video on how to use ArtiSil 1025T silicone. It is a simple process that will create a durable mold. A silicone mold will create hundreds of parts if it is well taken care of. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2 where we create a candle using this new silicone mold!

By Dallin Leach 2 comment


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  • Fiberglass Warehouse

    @John McGuire- It is possible to use fiberglass cloth and resin in the silicone mold but it is not typically used that way. A casting material such as epoxy, polyurethanes, wax etc. are common uses in a silicone mold.

  • John McGuire

    Once a silicone mold is made, can it be used to lay up fiberglass cloth & resin?

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