Bill, one of our customers, makes amazing sculptures.  He is a great artist. He uses fiberglass in his process. Here is what he has to say-

"I make large outdoor sculptures. My work has been featured in shows from Key West FL to Connecticut, and as far west as Topeka, KS. These are a few images of a piece called 'Tilt'."

"'Tilt' was done in 2009. I have been using wood and fiberglass construction in place of steel mostly for the weight savings. 'Tilt' weighs a little over 200 lbs making it much easier to move around than if I had made it of steel. It is also easier to repair in the event of damage. 'Tilt' has 2 layers of 6oz. cloth and epoxy. It is painted 2009 Corvette Yellow, and has Chrome Polyester Film on the back side. Also there is a complete photo log of the complete construction process of "Tilt" on my web site under process. " Thanks for sharing!

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