• Great for smaller applications including winding
  • Selvage edge to prevent unraveling
  • Perfect for seams and repair work
  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins
  • Ships within one business day


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Sku: 154R1
Selvage edges to prevent unraveling. Easily saturated with epoxy polyester and vinyl ester resin. Does NOT have an adhesive backing.

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Question: Does this fiberglass tape come on a roll or folded?

Answer: It comes on a roll.

Question: Will this 6 oz fiberglass become transparent over wood when wetted out?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the thickness of this fiberglass tape?

Answer: The tape is approximately .010” thick.

Question: Is this fiberglass waterproof?

Answer: Resin must be added to make it waterproof. This tape is meant to be used with epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin or polyester resin. Epoxy and vinyl ester resin are the most waterproof.

Question: Is this tape biaxial?

Answer: Yes, the fibers run biaxially. It is a plain weave.

Question: Is this fiberglass ideal for glassing/laminating surfboards?

Answer: Yes, this tape will work for surfboards especially for narrow sections. This tape comes in narrow widths. We carry wider width fiberglass cloth that is ideal for larger sections.

Question: Can this fiberglass tape be used for tabbing my boat?

Answer: Yes.