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Mirka’s Royal products offer revolutionary performance in coated abrasives. Ordinary paper backings are porous and uneven – resulting in uneven grain height, uneven scratch and inconsistent abrasive bond. Plastic film and ordinary paper backings split and tear in severe edge applications. Bonding resins crack and break down, resulting in noticeable edge wear. The Royal Treatment burnishes the backing; smoothing and sealing it for even grain height, consistent finish, and super strong abrasive bond. Mirka “rubberizes” both the backing and bonding resin for strength and flexibility. The abrasive coating keeps working after others wear away.

The Progressive BondTM technology exclusive to Mirka applies the coatings in progressively stiffer layers. This produces a flexible, durable product with superior edge wear. Mirka uses the FEPA* “P” grading system. This standard contains fewer coarse and fewer fine particles per grit; resulting in a more uniform system. “P” graded paper often has much finer scratch marks than comparable U.S. CAMI graded abrasives