• Clear, tough, high gloss
  • Water resistant
  • Good flexibility
  • Simple 2:1 mix ratio with fast, medium or slow hardeners
  • Great bonding capability
  • Fast wet out
  • Ships within one business day


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Sku: 0210021107
Epoxy Resin 2:1 Kit


Epoxy Resin 2:1 Kit is a two-part system. It is clear, tough and high gloss.  The hardeners come in fast, medium and slow to best fit the ambient temperature and desired pot life. 

Pot life/gel time at 77°F

Fast: 12-18 minutes

Medium: 20-30 minutes

Slow: 45-60 minutes


-Surfboard repair/manufacturing

-Composite parts

-High performance and light weight parts

-Good adhesive for bonding fiberglass, wood, metal and some plastics

-Mix with additives or filler to achieve thixotropic properties for high strength adhesives and reinforced compounds.

-Wood boat construction

***NOT compatible with chopped strand mat.


-For best results, the resin and work area should be between 75°F and 80°F.

-Make sure to wear proper safety clothing including gloves and googles.

-The surface should be prepped before mixing resin.  It should be dry and free of contaminates such as dust and oils.  

-Accurate measuring of the resin and hardener is very important. Thoroughly mix for proper curing and performance. This kit is mixed 2:1 by volume.

-Mix the resin and hardener for 3-5 minutes making sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container.

-Can be applied using a fiberglass roller, brush, spreader or squeegee

Available Sizes:

1.5 Pint Kit, 1.5 Quart Kit, .75 Gallon Kit, 1.5 Gallon Kit, 7.5 Gallon Kit

Handling and Storage:

Closed containers should be stored in a cool, dry place.  It should be stored at temperatures below 75°F and away from sunlight and heat sources. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Epoxy Resin

Used this seller a few times. Great product and fast shipping. Zero complaints and would use again. Thank you

D. Davis
This stuff is the bomb

Using this product in restoration on 1971 Sea Ray. This product is super easy to use. Dries extremely hard, and clear and will bond to just about anything. Using this product to bond to wood, old fiberglass, and aluminum. Surface prep and cleanliness are always key to making a great bond. But I swear you could pour this product on a uncleaned and unprepped surface and it will bond just as good. I put some photos on, but the photos really don't do this justice. It dries super glossy and clear and smooth.

Joe M
Crystal clear and easy to work with

First time using this brand, parts came out crystal clear and very sturdy. Easy to work with for beginners!

Patrick Miller
Great Product

The product works as it should. This review is more about the seller and how great the customer service was. I would definitely buy from them again!!!!