Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are popular reinforcement options. Kelvar is DuPont’s brand name for aramid. Both are light weight and have great strength.
Carbon fiber is known for its strength, being light weight and for its good looks. It is used in the automobile, sporting goods and aerospace industry. It is made up of millions of bundled filaments. A downside to carbon is that it can be brittle.
Kelvar is known for its’ impact, heat and abrasion resistance. Be aware that it can be difficult to cut. It is often used in bullet proof vests, kayaks, canoes and motorcycle racing clothes.
Carbon fiber fabric and Kelvar are both compatible with epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resin. It is recommended to use epoxy or vinylester resin though as they are a higher quality resin.
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FABRICSKevlar and Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Fabric 5.7 OZ. 2×2 Twill Weave 50″

One of the most popular carbon fiber fabrics Known for its' good looks Light weight Twill weave conforms easier than plain weave Use with epoxy resin Ships within one business...
FABRICSKevlar and Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber fabric 5.7oz. Plain Weave 50″ 

Light weight Plain weave provides uniform strength horizontally and vertically Use with epoxy resin Ships within one business day

Carbon Fiber 5 Harness Satin 6K 11 oz 50″ wide

First quality material Available in 5, 10 and 20 linear yards 50" wide Use with epoxy resin Ships within one business day
FABRICSKevlar and Carbon Fiber

Kevlar Tape (Sold by the Yard)

KEVLAR has Excellent thermal properties,Flame resistant, Dimensionally stable. Performs with no strength loss up to temperatures of 320 deg F for extended periods. Lighter in weight than E-Glass with higher...