3.2 oz X 38″ Wide Fiberglass Cloth (Style #120)

3.2 oz X 38″ Wide Fiberglass Cloth (Style #120)

6 ounce by 40 inch fiberglass fabric plain weave.

6 oz X 40″ Wide Fiberglass Cloth (Style 3733)

4 oz X 50" Wide Fiberglass Cloth (Style 1522)

96% of 100
  • Plain weave fabric
  • Lightweight and smooth
  • Great surface fabric
  • Creates a clear, transparent laminate when saturated with resin
  • Wets out easily
  • 6 mils thick
  • 3.7 oz per square yard (125 grams/square meter)
  • Use with Epoxy, Vinyl Ester or Polyester resins
  • Ships within one business day
$32.25 - $557.40
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This lightweight fiberglass cloth is used on applications where a clear laminate is desired. It is often used as a surfacing fabric. It is very popular in the surfboard/ sailboard industry. Used on surf boards, RC aircraft, canoes or anywhere a smooth finish is desired. Its' plain weave ensures uniform strength both horizontally and vertically.

Sold by the yard or roll.  Approximately 110 yards per roll.


  • Warp count = 24
  • Fill count = 22
  • Breaking Strength - Warp = 65 lbs/inch
  • Breaking Strength - Fill = 60 lbs/inch


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Question: Will this fabric cure clear?

Answer: Yes, if sufficient resin is used, this fabric will cure clear/transparent.

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