Polyester Clear Casting Resin

Polyester Clear Casting Resin

MEKP Catalyst

MEKP Catalyst

Ortho General Purpose Polyester Laminating Resin

100% of 100
  • Fast wet out
  • Cures with surface tack
  • Wax free = no sanding between layers
  • Cures at room temperature with the addition of MEKP catalyst
  • Catalyst sold separately
  • No sagging on vertical surfaces
  • Thixotropic
  • Ships within one business day
$27.95 - $209.95
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Orca 200 is a general purpose orthophthalic (ortho) polyester bonding and laminating resin. It cures with a surface tack for better adhesion between layers. Because of the surface tack there is no need for sanding between each layer.  Orca 200 is pre-promoted for curing at room temperature with the addition of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) initiator. MEKP catalyst is sold separately. Orca 200 has a clear amber tint to it.


-Boat construction and repair

-Molding, fabrication and repair of fiberglass laminates

-Spray up process

-Hand lay-up application

-Base resin for polyester fairing putties and structural compounds


-Work area and resin should be between 70°F and 75°F for best results.

-Make sure the work area is well ventilated and wear proper safety clothing including gloves and a face mask.

-MEKP catalyst is needed for polyester resin to cure.  It should be added between 1-2% based on the volume of the resin. More or less than this will cause an improper cure.  Cure time and pot life will vary depending on percentage of MEKP added and the temperature of the room.  If 1% MEKP is added, there will be a longer pot life and it will cure slower than if 1.5% or 2% MEKP is added.  Same goes for temperature.  Lower temperatures result in a slower pot life/cure time than if working in higher temperatures.  Orca 200 is promoted to gel in 17-23 minutes at 77°F when catalyzed at 1 percent (approx. 1 tsp per pint).

-Apply using a fiberglass roller, brush, spreader or squeegee

-No need for sanding between layers

-For the final layer, a finishing resin can be used to create a hard, tack-free surface. Finishing resin contains wax which rises to the top when cured and seals off the air.

-Uncured polyester resin can be removed from tools and equipment with acetone.

Available Sizes:

Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon

Drums are available. Please call for pricing.

Handling and Storage:

Closed containers should be stored in a cool, dry place.  It should be stored at temperatures below 75°F and away from sunlight and heat sources. 

Orca 200 is guaranteed for 3 months but should last 6-12 months if stored properly.

Prop65 Warning Icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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