Fiberglass rollers are an important part of most composite projects. They help evenly saturate the fiberglass and aid in getting rid of air pockets and excess resin.  A good fiberglass roller will assist in creating a strong finished product.

There are a variety of different types of fiberglass rollers.  There are aluminum rollers, corner or filet rollers, barrel rollers and bristle rollers.

Aluminum rollers come with both wood and plastic handles.  They have grooves in the aluminum that helps distribute the resin and get rid of any air that is trapped within the fiberglass.  They are ideal for flat surfaces.

Corner (aka filet or radius) rollers have deep fins and are designed for concave surfaces. They help eliminate bubbles in critical inside corners.

Barrel rollers are perfect for small areas. They are wider in the middle and smaller on the ends.  They are meant to be used for curved and concave surfaces.

Bristle rollers work great in mold construction.  They are especially helpful when working with knitted/uni-directional fibers to get rid or air pockets.

squeegee is also an important tool to have when working with fiberglass and resin.
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Fiberglass RollersGENERAL PRODUCTS

Deluxe Aluminum Roller

Sturdy roller with wood handle Helps remove air pockets Fins with deep grooves Helps distribute resin Ships within one business day
Fiberglass RollersGENERAL PRODUCTS

Radius Aluminum Corner Roller

Great for inside corners and concave surfaces Eliminates bubbles Plastic handle Deep aluminum fins Ships within one business day
Fiberglass RollersGENERAL PRODUCTS

Bristle Roller

Great for use with stitched/knitted fabrics Helps remove air bubbles Plastic Handle Ships within one business day