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  1. Ultimate Fiberglass and Resin Guidebook for Beginners

    The first step when looking at fiberglass projects is to decide what is important.  Are you concerned about weight? Is strength the most important? Do you need it to be abrasion, corrosion or UV resistant?  Do you want to build up thickness quickly? Answering questions like these first will help you choose the best reinforcement and resins for your project.

    To make a durable composite laminate you need to have both a reinforcement and a resin.  Reinforcements include fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mat, carbon fiber and aramid. Resin holds the reinforcement together and helps it conform to the wanted shape. The most popular resins are polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy.

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  2. Telescope Observatory

    There are an endless amount of things that can be created using fiberglass and resin.  Bruce with GEM buildings created a telescope dome observatory using our 10 ounce fiberglass cloth and ISO (isophthalic) Polyester resin. It is an impressive structure!

    If you need help figuring out supplies for a project, don't hesitate to send us a message.  You can email us at .  We would be happy to help.

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