Monthly Archives: February 2019

  1. Fargo Furniture Co.- Epoxy Resin Tables

    Fargo Furniture Co. created these beautiful tables.  They used our Proglas 1000 table top epoxy resin.  We love how they all turned out.

    You can check out more of their work here-

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  2. Polyester Laminating Resin Guide

    Polyester laminating resin, also known as fiberglass resin, is the most commonly used resin in the industry. It is used in a wide variety of projects including boats, car bodies, kayaks, surfboards, patio decks and aircraft. It is affordable and easy to use. It has a quick cure and adds dimensional stability. Polyester resin requires MEKP hardener. Needed Supplies (this will vary depending on your project):

    • MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) is required
    • Brushes
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