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  1. Boat Repair


    Charles in Dallas repaired his boat deck using Fiberglass Warehouse products.  The old deck had rotted out and need to be replaced.

    First he tore out the old plywood deck.  He checked the stringer to make sure they were still good.

    He installed a new plywood deck.

    And covered it with knitted fiberglass, GP resin and ISO/NPG Gel coat.  The boat deck looks great.

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  2. Chat Transcript - Re-doing a RV Roof

    [18:54] Dallin has joined the conversation

    [18:54] Dallin: Hey William

    [18:56] william: Hey Dallin I am redoing a roof on an rv don't know what type or strength fiber to use

    [18:56] Dallin: RV roofs are usually not structural, but need to waterproof.

    [18:57] Dallin: Are you taking the old fiberglass off?

    [18:58] william: yes and putting thin plywood

    [18:59] Dallin: Ok, I would use a layer of 1.5 oz chopped strand mat, with 6 in fiberglass tape along the seems.

    [19:00] Dallin:

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  3. New Fiberglass Roof for an RV

    Randy from Manitoba needed to re-do his RV's roof. Fiberglass RV Roof. The roof has seen better days. First he added a layer of plywood to the existing roof and then fiberglassed over top of it to make it waterproof. Here is a list of materials he purchased:

    1. Pro Glas 1200 Epoxy Resin UV Enhanced- Part A - Gallon (#100120110)
    2. Pro Glas 1200 Epoxy Hardener- Part B (2:1 mix ratio) - Medium, 1/2 Gallon (#100220509)
    3. 6 Ounce Fiberglass Tape (50 yard rolls) – 4" (#154R4)
    4. Deluxe Rollers- Aluminum -
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  4. Using 2 Part Polyurethane Foam

    This tutorial is for using Fiberfoam II aka Sharkthane 2lb Urethane Foam.

    Sharkthane 2lb Foam is a 2 part polyurethane foam.  When mixed together, will expand to a 2 lb density foam.

    Preparation: Area to be foamed must be dry.  Be sure to have escape for foam, we suggest a minimum of 1.5" to 2" hole.  The foam will continue to expand and can cause damage, if it does not have a place to escape.  Figure cubic feet to be filled with foam.

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