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  1. Question and Answer - Boat Deck Repair

    Question hi, I purchased epoxy and 1708 glass to redo boat stringers. all done came out great! now its time for boat deck. 19' eastern. what should I use over my 3/4 marine plywood? type cloth, epoxy or laminating resign? thanks Dave

    Answer Hey David, you went above and beyond when you used epoxy with 1708 on the boat stringers. You can use one of layer 1708 with epoxy on the deck. It will last forever. If you want to save a little money and the wood is structurally sound, use vinyl ester resin with 2 layer of 1.5 oz chopped strand mat. Then top it with a coat of un-waxed gel

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  2. Safety Yellow Gel Coat Lemonade Stand

    Anthony from the Lemonade Factory in Farmingdale, Illinois needed to repair his lemonade stand. After years of use, it was starting to reflect its age. It had a few dings and cracks in the paint and underneath fiberglass. He wanted to repair it and make it look  new. Here is a picture of the lemon before he went to work on it.

    Removing the Paint and prepping the surface before fiberglass repair.

    All the paint has been removed and the damaged spots are starting to be repaired. Anthony used our Orca 200 P-16 General Purpose Laminating

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  3. Gel Coat Trouble Shooting Part 1

    First time users of gel coat can come across many problems with applying the gel coat. We will be doing a series of posts that describe the different issues and remedies for the various issues. Edit PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTIONS OR ITEM TO CHECK FOR Dull or soft spots at random . ... . . Gel coat uneven Poor breakup; use three passes. Catalyst poorly mixed into either gel coat and/or laminate Mix catalyst thoroughly or make equipment adjustments for good catalyst mix. Trapped solvent in gel coat and/or laminate Equipment surging in material pump and/or atomizing air. Improper catalyst settings (high or low) Trapped water in gel coat and/or laminate Gun held too close to mold. Check cleaning procedure. Check catalyst level with equipment using solvent reduced catalyst. Insufficient catalyst Drain lines and correct the problem. Confirm correct catalyst concentration.

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