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  1. Customer Spotlight: 621cycles's Motorcycle trunk

    Dave at 621 Cycles shared some great photos with us of some products he made using our chopped strand mat. Here is what he had to say,

    “Now using CSM exclusively from Fiberglass Warehouse. Much more consistent density. Here’s a few pics from the shop of the 1oz CSM being used in motorcycle trunks and chin spoilers… Thanks to Dallin for all of his help!”

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  2. Vacuum Bagging Materials

    vacuum bagging

    Vacuum bagging is worth the extra time and money when you have a part that needs to be low in weight and high in strength. Vacuum bagging provides an even pressure to the entire laminate. If done right, this will give the part a better fiber to resin ratio when compared to hand layup. It will also remove air bubbles creating a void free laminate.

    There are several materials needed in a bagging schedule. These include peel ply and/or release film, breather/bleeder, vacuum bagging film and rubberized sealant tape.

    peel ply


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