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  1. YouTube video- Mold Release Application

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  2. Casting with a Two Part Polyurethane

    We have a YouTube video that shows the process of casting with a two part polyurethane liquid plastic in a silicone mold.  If you prefer to read about it, then this post is for you.

    In this demonstration we used a rigid polyurethane in the silicone mold we showed in a previous post.  You can read about making a silicone mold here.

    The supplies you will need-

    -Silicone mold

    -Two part polyurethane liquid plastic

    -A mold release if

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  3. Laminating Fiberglass Cloth to Plywood

    ***Before you start, always remember to wear safety equipment. Working with fiberglass can be hazardous. Safety glasses, latex or vinyl gloves, and a respirator are all important to keeping you safe from the fiberglass and resin. To protect your skin and clothes, wear Tyvek coveralls. Also, you need to work in a well ventilated area.

    The first and most important step in laminating (after exercising safety) is surface preparation. Do not skip this step. Use Acetone to wipe down the area that is to be laminated. This removes any dust and grease from the surface.

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