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  1. Composite/Fiberglass Definitions Part 3

    Wet out- The process of saturating the fiberglass fabric with epoxy or polyester resin to the point that all strands and holes are filled.

    Alligatoring- A cosmetic defect in the gel coat layer. It looks like a wrinkled surface which resembles alligator skin. This is often caused by the gel coat being applied too thin.  It can also be caused by not allowing the gel coat to cure long enough before adding subsequent layers.

    Orange peel- A pebbly texture on the cured gel coat similar

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  2. Customer Projects- Fiberglass Hot Tub

    Neil, co-founder of RNS Artistic Concepts, sent us these pictures of a custom hot tub they manufactured using our epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. They tiled over the fiberglass and resin, creating a beautiful hot tub.

    It turned out great! Thanks for sharing! Save

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  3. Composite/Fiberglass Definitions Part 2

    Selvage- The woven-edge portion of a fabric parallel to the warp, finished off so as to prevent the yarns from unraveling. Fiberglass tape typically has a selvage edge. It gives it a nice clean look.

    Mold Release -  Also known as a release agent or parting film, depending which kind is being used. The two most commonly used mold releases are a carnauba based wax and PVA (film).  Mold release is used to allow parts to be easily removed from the original plug  or the mold. Plus it adds

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  4. Customer Project- RC boat

    One or our customers, Chet, sent us these pictures of his PT109 project. Here is a few things he said about his great looking RC boat-

    The hull, deck and cabin is made from 3/16" balsawood.

    The hull was fiberglassed with your fabric and a resin I had on hand.

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  5. Composite/Fiberglass Definitions Part 1

    To fully understand the composite processes, it is important to be familiar with the "lingo" used. Over the next couple of weeks we will be discussing commonly used words in the composite/fiberglass world.

    Composite- A combination of fiberglass and resin. Fiberglass fabric (including chopped strand mat, carbon fiber, aramid, and roving) is just a limp piece of material until a liquid resin is added.  On the flip side, by itself, resin is just a thick gooey liquid. Polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy

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