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  1. Customer projects- sea kayak

    Take a look at this beautiful sea kayak built by one of our awesome customers.

    Our customer Paul said, "17 feet long mahogany with glass on the inside and out, glass tape on the inside seams using epoxy. Worked great, tape and glass went on perfect and was easy to use."

    Thanks for sharing Paul!

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  2. Fiberglass Mold Making- Part 1

    *** The information provided is a general guideline.  Each project is different.  Any information used will be done at the user’s risk. Fiberglass Warehouse can in no form be held responsible for outcome of using this information.

    *** Plug preparation

    To make a mold, a plug is needed. A plug is the exact shape and dimension that the final part will be. Many times, a replica is being made of an existing part, such as a bumper for a car or a canoe. Other times, modeling clay, wood, or sheet metal is formed into the final shape. If the plug is porous, such as wood or plaster, it will need to be sealed first with lacquer or resin. The plug should be buffed and sealed. A coat of mold release will need to be applied. Partall #2 (a wax) is commonly used. Five coats is a

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  3. Corvette Customization

    One of our awesome customers, Kevin, sent us these pictures of his latest fiberglass project. The project was the customization of a 2006 Chevy Corvette.

    Below is a brief summary of Kevin's construction method:

    1. Drill many small holes in the body panel to be modified.

    2. Shape the design with Styrofoam that

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  4. Fiberglass Mold Release


    It is very important to take the time to use a mold release on your mold or plug.  It will add several hours to a project but is well worth it.  A mold release, also known as a parting agent, is used to allow parts to be easily removed from the original plug  or the mold. Plus it adds a durable surface finish to the part and keeps both the part and the mold from being damaged during production.

    The two most popular mold releases used are: Partall Paste #2 (wax) and Partall #10 (PVA).  When both are used together, it forms a great release system.

    Partall paste #2 (or other brand

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