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  1. Carbon Fiber and Kevlar®

    There are two other common types of fibers used in composites.  One is carbon fiber, the other is aramid. Kelvar® is DuPont's brand name for aramid.

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber is known for its strength, being light weight and for its good looks.  It is commonly used in the automobile, sporting goods and aerospace industry.  A yard of carbon fiber cloth has millions of microscopic filaments all bundled together.   For instance, in a 3k fiber fabric, each tow (or bundle) of fiber has 3000 filaments in it.  The bundles are woven together to form a fabric. This is what makes it so strong.  Each filament carries part

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  2. Choosing Between Fiberglass Cloth and Chopped Strand Mat (fiberglass mat)

    Do you have a project in mind but have no idea where to start?  Let us help you.  One of the first things you will want to do is decide what kind of fiberglass you want to use.  Do you need to build up thickness fast?  Are you concerned about strength? Do you have tight corners you are working with?  Let us break things down a bit to help you decide if fiberglass cloth is right for your project or if you are needing chopped strand mat. Keep in mind that you can actually use both together to achieve your desired outcome. Here is an overview - 

    (Plain weave fiberglass cloth)

    Fiberglass Cloth is a woven fabric. Plain, 4 harness

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