1. Quick Video on How Our 2 Part Polyurethane Pour Foam Works

    Watch this short video to see our 2 Part Polyurethane Boat Pour Foam in action.

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  2. 2lb. Urethane Pour Foam Instructions

    Pour Foam

    Boat Pour Foam Instructions- Fiberglass Warehouse

    Sharkthane 2lb Urethane Pour Foam Instructions

    Sharkthane 2 lb. urethane pour foam is a two-part liquid that is great for flotation and insulation as well as filling voids and gaps. It is often used under boat decks. It creates a closed cell structure that resists water absorption.

    Needed supplies and tools:

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  3. Epoxy Resin River Tables

    Check out the beautiful river tables made with our Proglas 1000 epoxy resin.  The top photo is a completed river table and the bottom photo is a river table still in process.  We can’t wait to see how the second one comes out!

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  4. East Coast Gull Wings- Car Body

    Al with East Coast Gull Wings sent us some pics of his car project. He used our fiberglass chopped strand matISO polyester resinvinyl ester resin and Partall #10 to make custom parts for his Mercedes Gull Wing. It turned out great!

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  5. Stand Up Paddleboard- Customer Project

    One of our customer's, Ed sent us a photo of his stand up paddleboard he created using some of our materials.  He used our Epoxy/hardener, 6 ounce fiberglass cloth and white pigment.  It is ready for the summer season! To see more of our products, visit us at

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  6. Archangel Art Studio- Epoxy Resin Art

    Archangel Art Studio has been putting together some great videos of the art they are creating with Proglas 1000 epoxy resin.

    Check out some of their videos and subscribe to their YouTube channel Archangel Art Studio.

    We are impressed with their beautiful art pieces including the coasters.

    You can purchase Proglas 1000 in gallon and two gallon kits here-


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  7. Epoxy Resin Art

    Our Proglas 1000 epoxy resin is not only great for river tables and table/counter tops but it is also great for use with artwork.  Check out the amazing pieces below that one of our customer's, Kara, sent us.

    You can check out more of our products on our website 

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  8. Cedar Strip Canoes

    Spring is finally in full swing and before you know it, summer will be here.  Are you ready?  We love the beautiful cedar strip canoes one of our customers made.  They used some of our 6 ounce fiberglass cloth.

    They will be lots of fun to use as the weather starts heating up.

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  9. Ultimate Fiberglass and Resin Guidebook for Beginners

    The first step when looking at fiberglass projects is to decide what is important.  Are you concerned about weight? Is strength the most important? Do you need it to be abrasion, corrosion or UV resistant?  Do you want to build up thickness quickly? Answering questions like these first will help you choose the best reinforcement and resins for your project.

    To make a durable composite laminate you need to have both a reinforcement and a resin.  Reinforcements include fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mat, carbon fiber and aramid. Resin holds the reinforcement together and helps it conform to the wanted shape. The most popular resins are polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy.

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  10. Telescope Observatory

    There are an endless amount of things that can be created using fiberglass and resin.  Bruce with GEM buildings created a telescope dome observatory using our 10 ounce fiberglass cloth and ISO (isophthalic) Polyester resin. It is an impressive structure!

    If you need help figuring out supplies for a project, don't hesitate to send us a message.  You can email us at .  We would be happy to help.

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